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This Exclusive Coaching helps Success Seekers just like you turn everything around in just 1-YEAR.


Avoid feeling like you have to figure it out all by yourself. Join me for the next 12 months and learn some of my biggest lessons - FREE


Jeremy Whaley is a deeply committed, compassionate and comprehensive teacher, mentor and coach. Simply stated, over the past 8 years he has had a major and positively significant impact on my life.

Dr. Ken Maynard Coaching Client

What's Included?

Daily Emails

Every day, for the next 6 weeks you will receive a unique and special email with a specific coaching lesson. Then, after the initial 6 weeks, you will continue to have a weekly lesson for the next 11 months.  Can you say LIFE CHANGING?

LIVE Weekly

Each week on Sunday Evenings I do a special SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE meeting (some holidays excluded). You will receive a weekly email reminder along with a unique link for the weekly meeting. You can also submit questions for possible live response.

Unexpected GIFTS!

We all like gifts! The question is what surprises might I be hiding, just waiting to send your way? As a part of my mentoring I consider it important to keep some spark and surprises, which means you'll get some unexpected gifts along the way!