A letter from Jeremy...

Hello -

My name is Jeremy Whaley and this is my site.  

Why might the world need another website you might ask? Particularly one by me?

Well the world probably doesn't need another website.  But I need this site and I need to express the information and ideas that I plan to put on this site.  Perhaps, if we're both lucky, some of the stuff I share will benefit you in some way and I can have the gift of knowing I have helped another person.

In many ways my drive to create a "personal" website has been driven by the fine customers and students we have had through the years at TradeSmart University. One of the classes I put together for TradeSmart is a program called "Building Your Financial Fortress for Life!"  It's a great program if I do say so myself.

In the program I tell a story about a young lady named Carissa (name changed to protect the private parties associated).  She built her Financial Fortress in less than 5 years, and used her own personal website as a key tool in doing so.

Naturally, that led many people to ask me how to do what she had done.  So after about 3 years of ignoring the idea, I finally said to myself "yea, I should go do that so I can show people how it's done".

So now you know why I started this website. In many ways it's a sandbox to play with new ideas and see what works. It's a place to experiment.  It's a place where I can share ideas that are not as appropriate for the TSU audience but are still very important to me. Most importantly, this is a place where I can carve out my corner of the world and contribute things that are exclusively me.

If you know me from one of my various endeavors, or perhaps you just stumbled on my site, welcome!  I hope you find great value.

Regardless, here's to an extraordinary life!

Jeremy Whaley

Nashville TN.

August 2017