WARNING: YOU MAY HAVE BEEN MISLED OR EVEN LIED TO.  If you are over the age of 45 and worried you will never be able to save enough money to retire comfortably, the information contained in this course will give you hope, encouragement, and a clear path to quit your job and live the lifestyle you desire. PROCEED WITH CAUTIOUS OPTIMISM.

Financial Planning The Way it SHOULD HAVE BEEN TAUGHT! 

It's never to late to design the financial life of your dreams

What If Everything You Were Taught About Building Wealth and Creating Retirement Is Wrong...?

I get it, this suggestion is a very BOLD and UNORTHODOX thing to say. But what if I'm right? Would you rather find out now, while there is time to make a correction, or wait until you're 65 and it's too late?

Let's take a quick "financial IQ quiz" and see how you're stacking up...

So how did you do? If you scored over 50 you have an above average Financial IQ. But you can still improve. A perfect Financial IQ is 160!  Don't feel bad if you got a bad score, most people do. But please read what I'm about to say...


I'm all about personal responsibility, at the end of the day everything IS in fact your responsibility. But it's kind of hard to do the right thing if you haven't been taught the right thing! 

And here's the crazy thing... I wasn't taught either. I have wonderful parents and grandparents who loved me, but they didn't teach me how to invest or build wealth, because they weren't taught either! 

The problem is...

most of society is running enthusiastically off a cliff, because they are doing what they were taught to do and what they were taught to do is almost completely wrong.

Did you grow up hearing things like:

  • You need to get a good education so you can get a good job...
  • Money doesn't grow on trees you know...
  • You should save as much as you can because that's all we have...
  • You should trust the professionals to manage your money...
  • A Jack of all Trades is a master of none, you should focus on your career and leave the investing to the pros...

I heard this junk all my life and I tried to follow it until I found myself on the brink of bankruptcy, losing my marriage, and praying against all odds that some money would show up in the mail box...

That's when I discovered the BIG SECRET...

As it turns out, wealthy families teach their kids completely different things about money than my parents taught me. That's when I started to ask better questions. Ultimately those questions would lead me to ask a question that would change my life, and set me on a new course forever

Here's The Big Question:

How do every day people like us, people who did not grow up wealthy and were not taught how to be wealthy in school... how are we supposed to learn to think, invest, and grow wealth like the top 1% without compromising our ethics and our values?"

In answering this incredibly powerful and life-changing question, I embarked on a journey of discovery that ultimately led me to the stunning secrets passed down between the wealthiest of families, for generations upon generations. 

And now, I'm sharing these discoveries with you because I believe every individual has the right to LEARN HOW TO CREATE TRUE FINANCIAL FREEDOM, even if you were born broke and have never amassed any sizable amount of money to invest.


Designing Your Financial Fortress


This is financial planning the way it should be taught"

Jeremy Whaley Financial Coach

Say Goodbye to Low Financial IQ

You Will Discover:

  • What wealthy families learn about money that poor and middle class do not
  • How to "retire" in 5 years or less!
  • How to Get Wealthy with the money you already earn
  • Why traditional financial planning is wrong
  • The best type of investments you need to make now
  • Why you may already be able retired and not know it!
  • How YOU TOO can create the lifestyle of your dreams

Let Me Introduce Myself...

My name is Jeremy Whaley. Now, I'm a very successful entrepreneur, business coach, financial coach, among other things. But it hasn't always been that way. 

I have to warn you, if you're looking for perfection, I'm not your guru

Like many of you, I grew up in a very modest home and I've had to earn every inch of my success. My mother worked for 30+ years as a nurse. My father worked as a minister in several churches and also taught at several universities. I can't remember a time growing up he didn't hold at least 2 different jobs at the same time.  We always had "enough" money but never had much extra. 

After graduating from college I entered one of the most competitive professions filled with some of the toughest financial conditions on earth, in one of the most competitive cities in the world – I became a free-lance musician in Nashville TN.  I worked for almost 10 years in recording studios playing on albums and producing albums for other people. While I did have great success relative to most people, I later discovered that even the most successful musicians tend to live in relative poverty compared to the rest of the working class! 

All of that eventually led me to trading the stock market for income and ultimately building both online and offline businesses. It's been a crazy ride. 

I could tell you incredible stories of how I earned almost $30 Million in less than 10 years. Stories about how I became a pilot and bought my personal plane. How I've traveled around the world with some of the biggest names in the world... and it's all true. 

But those HIGHLIGHTS  mean nothing without the journey that took me there. The stories about how I lost my fortunes more than once. How I've been at the point of bankruptcy twice and avoided it merely by the grace of God and a lot of moral and emotional support from people who love and care about me. How I almost lost my marriage. The stories of betrayal from employees, business partners, and people I trusted with my life. 

Through it all I've discovered TWO THINGS:

1) Money comes and goes. 

2) No matter how distressed your circumstances may appear right now, ANYONE can turn it around and live the life of their dreams in relatively little time. 

I also discovered that making a lot of money means almost nothing in terms of building wealth. Wealth is designed and it is based on income, not based on how much money you have made or how much money you have saved. 

That's why I created this course, Designing Your Financial Fortress.  I created it because it's what I wish someone had taught me when I was 19 years old. It's what I wish every financial planner in the world would teach. It's what I wish every school in the world would teach. And it's the roadmap/path for anyone, regardless of age, circumstance, income level or anything else, to build a life of true financial freedom in a relatively short period of time (I say 5 years or less). 

I've seen it happen over and over. I've done it in my own life. I continue to do it in my own life. And I know that you too can and will live the life of your dreams once you understand how to truly build a Financial Fortress that will withstand any financial storms that come your way. 

Thanks for being here, and I look forward to watching your own personal growth! 


Jeremy Whaley is a deeply committed, compassionate and comprehensive teacher, mentor and coach. Simply stated, over the past 8 years he has had a major and positively significant impact on my life.

Dr. Ken Maynard Coaching Client

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

This course is AVAILABLE NOW, with instant on-demand access! All you need to do is sign up, login, watch, and start designing your own FINANCIAL FORTRESS. Lessons are short (Average 8 minutes or less) and you can watch them on your own timeline, in your own home, in a way that is most conducive for your own style of learning.

On-Demand Training

Watch the training lessons on your own when it works best for you. Just be sure to complete them! 

Financial Fortress Planner

The training includes a 40+ page planner that walks you through every critical action step needed to write your own ideal plan. Simply plan it, and then execute! 

Recordings For Reference

You get unlimited access to the recordings for the lifetime of the product. Which means you can come back and watch any time, watch with your kids, your grandkids, your spouse - anyone! PLUS: You get any and all updates! 

Optional:  1-on-1 Coaching

If you need a little extra help, you can elect to enroll in some 1-on-1 coaching. Sometimes a single phone call is all it takes, other times you may need some ongoing coaching. Either way, we're here to help. 

Here’s what people say about Jeremy...

Len Barnes

Former Student

His clarity of thought is inspiring

Jeremy has a real knack for making complex issues seem easy. His clarity of thought is inspiring and his enthusiasm is contagious. Jeremy is the greatest naturally gifted teacher I've ever encountered and I strongly recommend that anyone who wants to improve themself should follow his teachings religiously.

Tom Ennis

Former Student

A Guiding Force for me

Jeremy has been a guiding force for me for years.  When he was doing his live webinars, I would always arrange my schedule to be there - it was one of the most important events of each week!  His knowledge, insight, patience, enthusiasm and genuine 'caring' - would always lift me up and inspire me to believe in myself and the future.

Linda Boschian

Former Student

A Great inspirational speaker

I've known Jeremy for 10 years. He's been a great teacher and an inspirational speaker. I'm looking forward listening and learning in his new venture.

Here's What All You Will Learn

This course has been designed to give you an understanding of each of the core elements needed to design and build your FINANCIAL FORTRESS (even if you're completely broke right now). 


Introduction - Setting The Stage

Still not sure why you need to build a Financial Fortress?  In this first module you will discover the truth about traditional financial planning and why following that model will all but guarantee your lack of ability to actually build real long term wealth. You will be introduced to the Financial Fortress model and begin the process of shifting your financial paradigm towards one that is wired for wealth. 


The 7 Financial Milestones

How will you know when you're winning? Because after this module you will have 7 new financial milestones you are working towards. These milestones are broken down into achievable phases so even though you may be working towards a $100M empire, you can see a pathway to success and achieving your goals. 


Building a Financial Fortress

In this module you will learn what the actual components of the Financial Fortress look like and how to start building them. You will start with an understanding of what it would take to actually build a financial fortress with the traditional systems of financial planning. After you discover it is impossible, you will then be ready to move to the next module where you will discover the engine of wealth - CashFlow!


Cashflow Columns

A person could live an entire lifetime without a networth (most people do) but no body can survive even 2-3 weeks without cashflow. That's why we call it the engine of wealth. In this module you will discover what qualifies as a cashflow column, why it's so important to focus on building cashflow, and walk away with some ideas of different cashflow columns you may want to start building. 


How To Build Cashflow Columns

Knowing about something is one thing, knowing HOW to do it is another thing. In this module you will discover there is a right way and a wrong way to start building Cashflow columns. Depending on your present circumstances, you will want to approach building your Financial Fortress differently. Regardless of where you are, if you're presently broke, maybe half broke, or perhaps you're half rich, there is a plan for you and you will discover it in this module. 


Zero to hero (AKA Extraordinary Living)

Sometimes it's nice to be reminded of what is possible. In this module you will discover two very different stories of people who have set out to design a Financial Fortress. Each was facing different circumstances, but the principles were/are the same. As you look at these two excellent models you will understand better how you may choose to build your own Financial Fortress moving forward. 



"Goals without actions, are just dreams..."

That's why I have included this incredibly valuable planner to guide you every step of your journey. This is the exact same process I use in my one-on-one coaching sessions where people pay me $400/hour for personalized coaching. For the first time ever I'm releasing the exact process and protocol so you can work through the document and build your own plan. 


– 50% Discount –


Upgrading the way you think about and understand something as personal as finance can be intimidating. While I have included everything you need in the main Designing Your Financial Fortress course, I wanted to include some very relevant bonuses so that you have all the tools you need to succeed.


Income Opportunities for the New Economy

Need to get some income and get it fast? This SPECIAL BONUS is chocked full of income opportunities you can consider adding to your Financial Fortress. Whether it's a business, real estate, or paper assets, this training will show you there is never a lack of opportunity! 

  • Business Opportunities
  • Real Estate Ideas
  • Paper Asset Investment Opportunities


Financial Fortress BLUEPRINTS

One of the best ways to learn is to watch what other people have done and mimic (model) their actions. Studies have shown that humans can accelerate decades of learning into days by simply modeling what other success people have done. In this SPECIAL BONUS, you will find a model for every circumstance/situation to help you expedite your success. Included are models for every type of person:

  • From well known/famous people
  • For college students
  • For "mature" adults
  • For those who are "broke"
  • For single moms
  • For those who are ready to retire
  • For those who need a career change
  • Something for everyone!


Income Automation Secrets

Creating a lot of income that brings a lot of additional work is counter productive... that's why in this SPECIAL BONUS you will discover some automation tools to help you leverage outside resources to manage your new cashflow columns. Whether it's managing real estate, finding new investment deals, or leveraging human resources so that you are free to live your life, these tools and resources are certain to provide relief and increase your quality of life. 

  • Tools for Real Estate
  • Tools for Paper Assets
  • Investment Research
  • Tools for Business automation
  • Tools for Human Resources & Outsourcing

Here's Everything You Are Going To Get When You Enroll in The Next Hour


  • Designing Your Financial Fortress COURSE   $997 Value
  • Financial Fortress Planner                              $500 Value
  • BONUS: Income Opportunities                        $997 Value
  • BONUS: Financial Fortress BLUEPRINTS        $997 Value
  • BONUS: Income AUTOMATION Secrets           $997 Value

TOTAL VALUE:  $4,488





PAY ONLY $497!

What Other's Have Said...

"It made me realize I can actually do this! This is not something that's only for other people. I can actually become financially independent..."

- Lorie Marsh

Lynchburg VA

"It provided hope and inspiration, and that has meant a great great deal to me. The classes, the meditation, the skills, the tools... they all provided just amazing support..."

- Mary Arnott

Port Angeles WA

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I have no interest in selling you something that doesn't do you any good. That's why if you get to my course and after the first two lessons (first week) you do not see the immense value I'm offering, I will do whatever it takes to make it right, up to and including a full refund. 

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Here's What You're Going To  Get When You Sign Up Now!


  • Designing Your Financial Fortress COURSE   $997 Value
  • Financial Fortress Planner                              $500 Value
  • BONUS: Income Opportunities                        $997 Value
  • BONUS: Financial Fortress BLUEPRINTS        $997 Value
  • BONUS: Income AUTOMATION Secrets           $997 Value

TOTAL VALUE:  $4,488





PAY ONLY $497!