Claim 2023 as the YEAR to be DEBT FREE!

  • December 30, 2022

Are you ready to be DEBT FREE in 2023?   The last 3 years have been financially brutal for the average American. From pandemic to income loss to massive inflation, the facts are simple – more people are struggling today than ever before. 

But it doesn't have to be this way. Today, more people than ever before are also discovering ways to work from home, build home based businesses, online businesses trade the financial markets, invest in real estate and much more!  

It's true, the 2020 crisis and the events unfolding afterwards, have left many people financially devastated. And yet during this same time, while many have lost everything, others have discovered ways to generate more income than they have ever had. 

If You Are Struggling With Debt - You Are Not Alone...

According to the studies, in 2022 consumer debt rose by 15% compared with just 1 year before. That means individuals have had to dip into credit cards to pay for essential items - things like higher gas prices and higher food prices.

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But Credit Card Debt is Not The Only Challenge 

In addition to rising credit card debt, interest rates are pushing the highest rates seen since 2007. And the stock market finished 2022 as the worst year since 2008!

Things are so bad according to one report 35% of millionaires say 'it's going to take a miracle' to be ready for retirement!

That's why I have decided to declare 2023 the year to BE DEBT FREE!

Now I want to be clear, over the years I have not been opposed to debt, and fundamentally I'm still not. I understand in a fiat money system debt is the tool we use to create and grow wealth in a way that can outrun the inflation created by central banks. 

However, "BAD DEBT" is costing millions of Americans their peace of mind as they try to juggle the day to day ups and downs the economy is throwing their way. 

I have a system to help you live debt free

Several years ago I almost "accidentally" developed a different way of thinking about finances. I say it was by accident because I was teaching a class on stock trading when this model came to me, and I just started drawing it out on the screen. 

Since that time I've developed the concept further and I have put it together into a training I call "Designing Your Financial Fortress". 

If you want to be DEBT FREE in '23, OR ANY OTHER YEAR FOR THAT MATTER, one of the easiest ways to do it is by following this Financial Fortress Model. 

It'd like to share the first part of that training with you right now. 

All you have to do is click below and I'll connect you with the first session immediately - absolutely free. In this first session you will learn the core concepts and you will know immediately this is the right training for you.