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About Jeremy Whaley...

Jeremy Whaley - Father, Husband, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Coach, Musician, Pilot - all words that describe one of the world's most fascinating individuals. To some the collective experiences would appear scattered and unfocused but everyone who knows Jeremy has watched and awed at how one decision to live a more extraordinary life has led to two decades of constant growth and experimentation - and a TON of variety! Along the way he has discovered a lot of what works, and a whole lot of what doesn't.

From humble beginnings as a working musician to building a multimillion dollar business, Jeremy is helping change the narrative around the old paradigm of money, work, fulfillment, and how we were created to live on this planet.

Jeremy has presented at numerous events, including the Money Show, The IGNITE conference (3 years), The 2017 Trader's Summit, and the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts. He was a co-founder and previous CEO of TradeSmart University where he taught over 100,000 individuals about the stock market. Following his departure from TradeSmart University he launched Think Rich Radio, which quickly rose to a top 25 podcast for Entrepreneurs in the EU. He has created over 25 courses on personal finance, stocks and options trading, and personal development.  

He finds his greatest joy in helping others discover the extraordinary life they were created to live. His latest ventures are focused on helping people discover the magic of VISION, so they can unlock their greatest possibility by asking the question: 


What Real Life Clients Say...


I have known Jeremy Whaley for over 12 years. I was his first coaching student back in the day! What an incredible experience. I still work with Jeremy today. I have the up most respect and gratitude for his ability as a coach, mentor and friend. He has such a gift to give great actionable ideas, knowledge and just knows the right next steps to put things into action for success!

Paul Oehm The Biz Coach   (

When I need a kick in the pants I call Jeremy...

"Sometimes it's hard when I am surrounded by people who do not have the same outlook on life as I do. It's easy to fall back into old patterns. When I need a kick in the pants I call Jeremy because he has done it. I've watched him succeed in so many areas and I've seen him keep fighting until he finds a way.  He always seems to have the answer I need at the time I need it."

Angela Derrick  //  Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

An Outstanding Influence On My Life...

"When I felt that I was suffering through some difficult life circumstances Jeremy helped me discover a new perspective and hope. By guiding me into greater clarity and gratitude, he has made an outstanding influence on my life."

Joshua Rupp  //  Worship Leader & Online Marketer

Free Access to Jeremy's "Seven Breakthroughs": 

Join the Tribe! Get the 7 Extraordinary Breakthroughs that Changed My Life!