Focus Determines Your Direction [podcast]

Welcome to the very first season and first episode of my brand new podcast “Mind Vitamins”! I have wanted to do this program for several years and I am very excited that the time has come to actually do it!  AND better yet – I’ve actually got the first episode already recorded!

This is going to be GREAT!

What are Mind Vitamins?

I’m so glad you want to know!

Mind Vitamins are thoughts. Our thoughts are the most powerful part of our human make up. How we think about life and approach various circumstances is a direct result of our thinking more than any other single force.

A few years ago I thought:

“our culture spends so much time talking about health and doing things to be more functional with our bodies, why don’t we spend more time talking about nourishing the mind as well?”

That is exactly what this podcast is going to do. This is a daily podcast, so every day you can get a little more nutrients put into your mind.  If you miss a day, no big, deal, just pickup the next episode or go back and listen to previous episodes!  None of these mind vitamins must be consumed in a specific orderly fashion!

While the order you take these vitamins is irrelevant, what’s not irrelevant is the fact that you need to take them! Nourishing the mind with good thoughts is essential to well-being and it is critical if you want to be an achiever.

Far too many people in our society are addicted to the news (real new or fake news, who cares!), they are addicted to tabloid gossip, actual workplace gossip… you name it!  All of those influences are toxic for the mind.  As if what we see on TV isn’t enough, our own family relationships often times pile even more negative thoughts into our heads.

And as if that weren’t enough on its own – we spend countless hours with ourselves often times thinking critical thoughts, stirring up negativity, and overall creating more mental malnourishment.

“You can turn off the news, you can leave your friends, you can even leave your family, but the one person you can never get away from is yourself.”

So what happens if a person is so negative they create a toxic environment for themselves and others?

What happens is they live very discouraging, depressed, emotional and unhappy lives.

So how do we reverse that toxicity?



Season 1, Episode 1:  Focus = Direction


In this episode you will discover:

  • We go in the direction that we face
  • We face the direction that we design
  • Where focus goes, energy flows
  • To get the outcomes you want, you must design that outcome, and then face that direction.


  • Carmen Navar says:

    FABULOUS FABULOUS CONGRATULATIONS you are a great teacher and mentor
    thank you so much,

    Your new student Carmen

  • Cindy says:

    Very nicely done, Jeremy! Message was excellent- and timely for me! Looking forward to daily inspiration!

  • Lindell says:

    Thanks Jeremy I needed That

  • nobody says:

    i heard this a thousand time but I can’t get out of my own way

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