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Season 1, Episode 024: Who da ya Know? [Podcast]

In this episode:

  • Your networks are your access to the world.
  • They say everyone is only 6 degrees of separation from the entire world, but what if you could get that down to only 2 or 3 degrees of separation?
  • The three keys  to success are to 1) meet people, 2) show yourself friendly, 3) Learn something about them which you can genuinely care about.
  • Make note of your network.  Start meeting 1-2 new people every day.
  • If you want to raise your standards, expand your network.

Season 1, Episode 6: It’s Just a 2 Degree Shift [Podcast]

In this episode you will discover:

  • You are not as far off track as you might think.
  • A small 2 degree shift will take you to a completely different destination.
  • Most people think big changes are needed, but most often it is small adjustments that matter.
  • When you know your destination and you know your current location, making small adjustments is easy.


Season 1, Episode 5: Are you Living, or Not Dying? [Podcast]

In this episode you will discover:

  • Survivors of trauma can be categorized into two groups: Those who are “living” and those who are “not dying”
  • The key to living a fulfilling life is to learn to trust because the more you trust, the more you experience.
  • If you do not learn to trust, you can never experience the rewards that come with it.
  • “Not dying” simply means you are surviving, which is no way to live life.


Season 1, Episode 4: Give to Others and You Give To Yourself [Podcast]

In this episode you will discover:

  • When you give to others, you are really giving to yourself
  • Society considers it counter-cultural to give
  • When you do not accept a gift from someone, you are actually stealing from them
  • Each human being has a need to give and contribute to the lives of others.


Season 1, Episode 2: Find Your 5 and Play at That Level [Podcast]

In this episode you will discover:

  • Your social network determines your social status.
  • If you want to raise your game, you have to raise your associations.
  • New social networks will not “let you in” randomly, you must earn your place.
  • If you want to know where you will be in 5 years, look around at the 5 people you spend the most time with.


You can Accomplish ANYTHING!

Today Luke Aikins set an amazing world record by successfully jumping 25,000 feet out of a perfectly good airplane…


… without a parachute!


While this isn’t something I suggest anyone try at home, it does give us incredible inspiration and a reminder that when we set our mind to accomplish something, we can do anything!


If you haven’t seen the video, you really need to watch it:

Why this site?

I recently shared with a friend my intention of building my new website.  His immediate reaction was “who cares?”

He had a good point.  It led to a great discussion that I thought I should share with you (my faithful readers) as well.

Anytime we start something new we should take at least a few minutes and answer the question:


Why would the world need another website?

And why would I want to allocate my own time to building another website/blog when websites aren’t even my thing?

I have several reasons for carving out the time to do this site. In no particular order, I’m going to share them.

Building personal brand

Building a personal brand

For any of you who might know me well, you understand that I have not traditionally been a “huge” social media advocate.  Sure I understand it and see it’s place in society, but I haven’t personally felt the urge to participate at a high level.

I think the reason for that is because I have historically seen social media as a few things:

  • A huge time suck
  • An invasion of privacy
  • A place where I have to share my deepest darkest secrets with the world
  • Just one more thing I have to learn and keep up with

For a naturally introverted person like me, social media just hasn’t been a good fit.

All of that started to change when I read the book Platform from Michael Hyatt.

I started to think about social media, personal websites etc, in terms of building a personal brand rather than just a place to reveal your dark secrets.  Since that time my creative mind has not stopped thinking about why a personal brand is so important.
I’m going to write a separate post on the importance of personal brand, but for now suffice it to say that building a personal brand, to me, is one of the most valuable reasons to build any site, including this one.

Business tools for 21st century

Essential business tool of the 21st century

Another reason is that I wish to build a new skill.  40 years ago the skill of typing was something that a secretary was hired to execute. Most executives couldn’t type, and if they could they didn’t do it themselves.

But in today’s world of business an executive who can not type is not considered a very skilled executive.


Because today even kids as young as 8-10 years old can type!  Typing has become as much of an essential skill as reading, writing, or doing basic math.  In fact I would argue that in today’s world of computers and iphones, typing is a more valuable sill than basic math!

I can imagine in 40 years the skill of building a basic wordpress site will be like typing is today – everyone can do it.  Except the difference is “40 years in the future” is actually going to happen in about 10 years because of the speed with which technology is evolving.

Already, in the last 10 years we have seen this phenomenon starting to take root and I expect it will only accelerate in the next few years.  As high school “kids” today grow up and graduate from college, they will already possess these new basic skills.  For those of us who don’t know how to build a basic wordpress site, we will not be able to compete with this new generation entering the workforce.

In the future the business person who can’t put a basic wordpress site will be like a business person today who can’t type.  The word that comes to mind is “non-functional”.

One of my biggest reasons for building this site is to learn the skill.  

I’m not under any delusion – I don’t expect to ever be a web developer.  But as I reflect on the past 10 years, I can think of at least 15 or more times when my lack of ability to create a basic website has caused me to not execute an opportunity.




One of the things that really gave me a kick in the pants to do this site is a question I received from one of our TradeSmart students.

The question came in response to a program I teach called Building Your Financial Fortress for Life.  In the program I tell the story of a girl named Carissa who started a blog and used that to create income and help build her financial fortress.

I made the point that “anyone can do this” and one of my students said to me “if anyone can do it, why haven’t you built your own site?”

My immediate response was “I have, we call it”.  But upon further reflection I realized that this student was right.  If I’m going to tell other people they should consider building a personal site I should consider it as well.

So one of my main outcomes for this site is to use it as a model for what others can do. I want to use the site to help people, but I also want to find ways to monetize the impact of the site.

A lot of people have a problem with monetizing “free stuff”, but I think it’s very healthy. As we figure out various ways to monetize basic things in life, we help more people because they too can implement the techniques on their own sites.  Ultimately they can make more money and that will allow them to help the broader economy.  So – yes, capitalism is good!


Give back

Sharing with/Mentoring others

It’s hard to rank these reasons in order of importance.  They are all valuable reasons that I’ve decided to start this blog/site. But perhaps the most important is my desire to contribute.

One of the core teaching principles of Tony Robbins is the 6 human needs. In case you’re not familiar with them, the 6 human needs are:

  1. Certainty
  2. Variety/Uncertainty
  3. Significance
  4. Love & Connection
  5. Growth
  6. Contribution

This site helps me fill my need for contribution and is also going to require a good bit of growth on my part!

I have had a great outlet for years with TradeSmart where I can contribute my thoughts in the world of stocks and trading, but I’ve not had a good outlet to share the other interests in my life.  But the reality is I have a LOT of things I spend time learning about and implementing.  Here’s a partial list:

  • Finances
  • General Psychology
  • Success principles
  • Music
  • Aviation
  • Spiritual
  • Wellness
  • General Business principles

There are things I can share regarding each of these topics.  In reality, I probably have more!  But most of these topics have not had a place in our TradeSmart business which leaves a huge void of things I care about but have no outlet through which to contribute.

With this site, we can make it what we want!  Remember, it IS about building a personal brand.  Well all of these things are part of who I am so I think there is a good chance many or most of these areas will show up on this blog.

There is something extremely rewarding about sharing your scars.  I think it must be built into our DNA.

As little kids we used to show off the scars or injuries we received when we fell off a bike or skateboard, or any other activity.  As little kids we also like to boast about our successes.

That DNA doesn’t get baked out when you grow up!  I have business scars – life scars!  All of us do.  Sharing the lessons we’ve learned with others is a worthwhile reason to gain many of those scars.

If I were to tell you the story of how First Data credit card processors took all our money out of our bank account with no warning, because we were “too successful…”  How they thought our success meant we must be laundering money. If I were to tell that story you would certainly shake your head in dismay – how could that happen?

And yet it happens every day to hundreds of businesses.

It’s easy to take a “victim” persona from stories like this.  But it’s just as easy to take a confident position of “what we survived”.

Like most people, certainly like most business people, I have lots of things I’ve learned over the years.  Better yet, I’m still learning!  The opportunity to share those scars and life lessons learned is invaluable.  It’s the kind of contribution that you can’t buy – you can just go do it.

One of my major “whys” for this site is to have an outlet to share many of these stories and lessons.


The future has yet to be written…

All of these reasons listed help constitute my “why”.  Does the world really need another website?  Probably not.  But sometimes it’s not about what the “world” needs, it’s about what we need to do for ourselves.  The thing that really wins is when we can do something “for ourselves” and in the process contribute to other people’s lives.  If we can do that, we truly all win.


Hopefully that is exactly what this site is.  Yes, I’m doing part of it for me.  But I’m also doing it for all of my future readers and followers.  My real hope and desire is that we can all mutually benefit from the time I put into this site.

Perfection Kills Progress

Hello everyone.  This is my first blog post on my personal site Jeremy and I’m going to tell you how perfection kills progress.  In my case perfection has killed progress for 11 years.

I’m super excited to finally make this post.  It is currently 1:46AM on a Friday night, January 8, 2016.   I first bought this domain on June 18, 2005.  So in a very strange way this website has been 11 years in the making.  However we will forget the past as it is behind us, the site is here and it is here to stay.

I have wanted to build this site for many years but I never knew what to build.  I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know how to say it.  I didn’t know how to build it.  I tried a little site with an old program Apple shipped for a few years called iWeb.  You might find a copy in the Apple Museum one day.  But that site had no purpose, no vision, and it looked like a 13 year old girl built it in iWeb while talking to her girlfriend on a cordless landline phone.

The next iteration came when I discovered WordPress was a whole lot like iWeb only way cooler and more flexible.  I just had one problem – You could learn iWeb in about 20 minutes, but I couldn’t figure out WordPress in 20 minutes – so I quit.

Then one day about 3-4 years ago I decided to go public – I was going to launch my site and track a weight loss campaign – all out in the public for the world to see!  I think I got about 3 posts up before I stopped updating, and I ended up gaining about 25 lbs since that big launch FAIL.

Now for the last 2-3 years I have been saying to my wife, business partner, and pretty much anyone who will listen “I’ve got to build my site, I just don’t know what to build”.

And THAT is how perfection stops progress.

Finally for about the past 6 months I have been zeroing in on what I want my site to be.  I know it’s an extension of who I am and an outlet for me to talk about and express things that are just simply not part of my main business.  I even have some pretty cool ideas for things we can do.  So with such a great vision getting it up and running must be pretty quick right?

Once again perfection sweeps in to steal the prize.

Literally tonight I have just gone through 4 different notebooks from the past 6 months.  I’m amazed at some of the things I’ve already lined up for this site – so why is it not built?

One simple reason: I want to make it great, I want it perfect.

Like many of you who may one day read this, I’m an achiever.  I like to go big, I like to do things great, and I love for things to be perfect when possible.  So of course I want the perfect website as well.  And that’s why this site has taken so long. Because I have put so much pressure on myself to make it perfect, and in the mean time zero progress has been made.

an Iron BoxThe Iron Box

So a normal person would just hire a firm to design a great website and voila, it’s done right?  But part of what this website is supposed to be about (which you don’t know yet because I haven’t built it) is the reality that anybody can build a website with word press and use that site to build a business and make money online.  So I can’t really go hire a firm to build the website for me because it defeats the whole purpose of proving that anyone can build their own site!

This is how we create an iron box.  I just shared with you the first wall – I have to build it myself.

Next, I wanted to make sure it looks awesome so simply using a twenty twelve, or twenty thirteen, or now twenty sixteen theme from wordpress, well that just wouldn’t do.  I need a hot cool theme that looks like I spent $15,000 on my website but I really only spent $59.

So I spent weeks trying to pick a theme.  Then I picked one (that a friend suggested) and installed it and…. (enter cartoon music), nothing.  I have absolutely no freaking clue how to build a website with this theme.  It is an awesome theme.  It can do anything.  This is the theme to end all themes.  I can build my own website and it will look like $25 million, and I can do it with no code at all.  It is so simple, a monkey could do it blind folded… but not me.  I spent days just staring at this theme in wordpress with no clue what to do with it.

So I reached back out to my friend who suggested it and he offered to coach me!  Yea!  This is what I need!  A coach!  Now I can build my own site and it will look awesome and my coach will make sure I succeed!

There’s just one problem – my coach is busy with his own site and a product launch for the next 4 weeks.  So I got back into the theme and started putzing around… nothing.  I don’t have a clue.

Then it hit me, I’m getting off my mission again.  My mission was to build my own website but now I’ve erected another iron wall that says “it has to look awesome, I’ll just get a theme and it will look awesome”.

So if you’re tracking with me I have erected two Iron Walls: 1) I have to build the site myself and 2) it has to look awesome! Like a million bucks kind of awesome.

And then there’s the 3rd wall.  I want the site done like yesterday.  I’m ready to go.  I’m ready to start putting in articles and creating my site so I want it all built and ready to go.

And now you can see my iron box.  1) I have to build the site, 2) it has to be awesome, 3) I need it done like right now.

The problem with an iron box is there’s no way out.  When we construct these little mental iron boxes around ourselves, we put ourselves in a position where we have to meet all of these self imposed criteria, and we create a scenario that is impossible.  This leads to absolutely no progress.

In the world of business most of us realize there are 3 factors that help influence the production of a product: Speed, Price, and quality.  You can have two but you can’t have all three.  By choosing to build the site myself price becomes a factor that I’m optimizing for – I’m not spending money.  By wanting it done immediately speed becomes a factor I’m optimizing for – I’m not waiting around.  That means I can’t have the incredible quality as well.  It just is.

Recognizing this situation is how I am now starting my site in the middle of the night.  The frustration of having no progress finally got me, and I snapped.  But that’s good too – because no progress can be made until we finally have enough emotional disgust with the status quo that we burst through whatever iron boxes we have erected around ourselves.

You Can’t Stop a Freight Trainshutterstock_84692338

So why did I choose to optimize for speed and price and let quality go?  Because I know myself.  Like most of us, I need momentum to keep moving.  It’s been said that a freight train moving 40 MPH can plow through a concrete barrier 10 feet thick.  But standing still, that same train can be stopped by simply placing a 1″ block in front of one of it’s wheels.

The reason:  Momentum.

Momentum is a force that in my opinion is better than all of the other forces.  There is not a more difficult spot to start from than the one that has absolutely zero momentum.  Starting from the beginning is almost always the most difficult place to start.

However once we have momentum going, with anything in our lives, it is much easier to build off of that momentum. That’s why I’m choosing PROGRESS over PERFECTION.  I have the next 20+ years to develop my site.  But even after those 20 years it will probably not be perfect.  That’s why it’s so important to not let perfection get in the way of progress.

I think a lot of people struggle with this principle.  In fact it’s probably appropriate that I would struggle with it right now while trying to launch this site.  What you may or may not have figure out by now – this site is about helping people. Helping people get unstuck.  Unstuck in their finances, career, success – life in general.  This site is about living a better life. It’s a place for me to share the things that I have learned and continue to learn as I continue to build and develop my own life. A life I hope one day people will look back on and say “that was extraordinary”.

If you’re reading this then you’re probably looking for an extraordinary life as well.  And if you’re like me, trying to create perfect probably keeps you stuck more often than not.  So please learn from my mistakes and my pain – let’s get going.  No more letting perfect stop you from progress.

I’ve been working at this now for less than 1 hour.  I have created 4 pages, and written my first post.

“…hello world”.

Progress.  Momentum.  Now let’s go make it extraordinary!